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Custom Market Research & Market Analysis

Ducker Worldwide is renowned for its ability to gather unique market, customer and competitive insights where others cannot. We own and manage our regional market research centers and employ advanced analytics relevant in today's market research industry.

Extensive Respondent Database and Network
Over five decades of research across hundreds of respondent categories and market sectors yields an unparalleled network of industry professionals.

Professional Research Capabilities
Ducker professionals know how to find and engage the most valuable respondents in professional conversations producing comprehensive market insights.  In addition to our comprehensive set of traditional market research methods, we offer ethnography and "in-context" research capabilities. We interview, observe, photograph, and record people in their natural environments. By going out into the field, such as the home, office, worksite, or vehicle with customers or end users, we capture how products, services, or messages are experienced in everyday use. The analysis of these data points provides specific, actionable insights for product or service innovation and design.

Advanced Analytics
Ducker Worldwide designs and deploys innovative and comprehensive methods to draw strategic observations and insights about complex markets.

Complete Modeling and Forecasting
Advanced models are applied to identify, evaluate and prioritize market and performance opportunities and to accurately forecast product, market and customer demand.

What we provide
Ducker’s extensive research expertise encompasses all market, customer and competitive intelligence objectives.

  • Market size and segmentation
  • Growth forecasting and modeling
  • Competitive intelligence and benchmarking
  • Distribution audits and new routes to market
  • Technology testing, feasibility and launch assistance
  • New product innovation support
  • Price optimization strategies
  • Channel purchase process and decision making
  • Voice of the customer
  • Sales and lead generation
  • Brand positioning and integrated marketing communications
  • Ethnographic as well as other qualitative and "in-context" approaches